Gas Detection and Instrumentation

Calibration Only Price
Single Gas Monitors  $40.00 
Multi Gas Monitors up to 5 sensors  $119.00 
Deluxe Maintenance & Calibration Price
Single Gas Monitors $79.00
Multi Gas Monitors up to 5 Sensors $214.00
Standard Sensors included for CO, H2S, O2, LEL, PID only  
*Add $25.00 ea for exotic sensors (calibration and cal cert only)  

Deluxe Calibration includes, Cal Cert, and the following:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Alarm Function Tests (alarms, lights, sound & vibration)
  • Pump Function Test
  • Replace all Filters & Check CO Filters
  • Bump, Verification & Calibration of All Sensors
  • Clean PID Sensor
  • Clean Inside/Outside of Instrument
  • Raw Data Values & Settings for all Sensors & Pump
  • Firmware Upgrades