Breathe cool and stay safe with Drager's innovative disposable respiratory masks.

The X-Plore 1300 and 1700 series N95 and R95 dust masks have different form factors but share many standard safety and comfort features in addition to options like odor control filters and exhalation valves. The X-Plore 1300 masks are also available in multiple sizes.

Standard Features:

  • CoolSAFE filter material combines low breathing resistance and high filter performance, providing protection against fine dust and particles, according to NIOSH 42 CFR 84 protection levels N95 and R95.
  • VarioFLEX continuous loop head harness is constructed from a stable, elastic textile strap that is easily donned and doffed, creating comfort with minimal pressure.
  • Soft foam nose pads (N95) or large comfort sealing strips (R95) hold the mask effectively for a secure, comfortable seal across the nose.
  • Color coded nose clips and valves help to quickly identify protection classes.

x-plore-SKC-1750-fl-9110651-en-us-2103-2-pod (002).pdf

X-Plore 8000

The X-Plore 8000 PAPR offers a new level of intuitive handling combined with intelligent electronics. The result is the high degree of personal protection you need to focus on the task at hand.

  • Designed for daily use in tough environments with rubber protectors and high ingress protection (IP 65) against dust and water from any direction.
  • Standard (4 hour) and long-life (8 hour) Li-ion battery options available.
  • Protected air intake openings ensure that sparks or water coming from the front will not be sucked into the filter.
  • Comfortable carrying system, hose connector with 360° click adaptor, and hoods designed for optimal airflow let you focus on the task at hand instead of your equipment.
  • Designed to be practically maintenance free with fast and easy disassembly for cleaning.
  • Modular design with a wide range of components for every application.
  • System is equipped with optical, acoustic, and vibrating alarms.


  • Secure fit that does not interfere with eye protection. Three sizes available (S, M, L).
  • Low-profile design provides an exceptional field of vision and good wearing characteristics for use under protective visors and leads to a longer wearable tolerance by the user.
  • FlexiFit adjustable head harness provides comfort even under helmets and is easy to adjust for maximum stability and comfort.

X-Plore 5500 Twin Filter Full Face Mask

Whether in the chemical, metal, or automotive industries, ship building, maintenance, supplies, or disposal: The Dräger X-Plore® 5500 full face mask is the right solution for environments where not only increased respiratory protection is required, but a clear vision is mandatory. Like the half-face masks, Dräger full-face masks are designed for use with the comprehensive X-Plore bayonet filter series to offer protection against particles, gases, and vapors.

X-Plore 5500 Features

  • Double sealing frame with threefold sealing edges offers safe protection and a secure fit for almost all face shapes. The durable EPDM mask body ensures a great level of wearing comfort even during prolonged use.
  • Comfortable 5-point harness ensures the mask is easy and quick to don. Additionally, the wide strap design prevents the development of pressure points on the head.
  • Distortion-free lens with 180° wide angle guarantees a large field of view with excellent peripheral vision. Choose from impact-proof polycarbonate or scratch-proof and chemical-resistant Triplex glass.
  • Simplified logistics with an inside barcode allows for ease of recording and servicing the mask inventory.
  • Efficient ventilation system with separate interior half mask ensures a fog-free lens and unobstructed view.
  • Proven air supply technology.
  • Enhanced carrying system follows natural body contours providing improved stability, reduced back strain, stress, and fatigue.
  • Air pressure and gauge hoses integrated into the carrying frame.
    Easily serviced with major components that are simple and quick to remove and re-assemble.
  • Versatile system with interchangeable components like face masks, high/low pressure cylinders, radio devices and more.